3D Laser Scanning

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3D CAD - Modelling

3D Models – Concept – Piping Design – Laser scanning to 3D models

2D CAD - Detailed Design

Schematic – Concept – Fabrication – Patent – As Building

2D CAD drawings are still used as fabrication and manufacturers drawings, even though most 2D CAD drawings are created from 3D CAD models.

Most designs start out as a 3D model, a variety of packages can be used to create the 3D documentation. A 3D model can aid in the understanding of a detailed design.

Laser scanning is an accurate form of surveying. By using the latest state of the art technology from FARO, all information collected can be used in a CAD 3D environment.

CAD conversion can be used for converting existing drawings into computer aided design. 2D drawings can also be converted into 3D models using the latest software.

Welcome to Pembrokeshire Design Ltd.

With over 20 years experience in design, Pembrokeshire Design Ltd offers a professional CAD service and delivers a quality final product to all their clients.

Use our draughting to design, 3D laser scanning to pipe stress analysis services, to assist in the development of your project.

The company incorporates 6 main services which are all based on Computer Aided Design

2D Design/Detailing
3D Modelling
Laser Scanning
CAD Conversion
Reverse Engineering
Stress Analysis

Pembrokeshire Design Ltd – Timeline

The company was founded in 2014 by Nik Curcio.

After establishing himself as a designer in the Petrochemical Industry with 20 years experience, Nik has branched out and is expanding his company into other industries.