Pembrokeshire Design’s CAD draughting service provides schematic drawings to your specification.

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We can produce schematic drawings in a variety of formats to suit our clients needs.

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What are Schematic Line Drawings?
Schematic drawings are diagrams of mechanical systems. They are an informative document which at a high level illustrate the final product. Schematic drawings are usually created prior to the conceptual stage of the design and outline the extent of the work.

What does Pembrokeshire Design Offer?
All 2D mechanical drawings will be produced in the latest version of AutoCAD. These drawings can also be saved in a variety of formats again to suit our clients needs. The production of these drawings will contain a standard set of symbols which will create a theme throughout the work package.

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Pembrokeshire Design can assist with all your concept drawing requirements.

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From the initial ‘Idea’ to the ‘Concept’ – Try a different approach in design.

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What are Concept Drawings?
An idea in sketch form can be reproduced as a conceptual design. This visual aid can assist your team in the understanding of your product. Concept Drawings are a high Level general arrangement drawing and can include the following information:

  • Multiple views (plan, side, isometric etc.)
  • Exploded if multiple components/assemblies
  • In colour if this helps the client
  • 3D Models at 1.1. scale
  • Annotated to assist the explanation
  • Overall dimensions
  • Augmented reality

How can Pembrokeshire Design assist with your concept development Phase?
By using the latest 3D software we can transform your sketch into a CAD detail promptly. These details can be fully rendered with the appropriate materials added. We also have the ability to work very closely with our clients and provide full support throughout the concept phase.

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Pembrokeshire Design will assist in all your fabrication drawing requirements

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We have the ability to create full sets of fabrication drawings which can be issued direct to your fabrication team for construction.

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What are Fabrication Drawings?
Fabrication drawings are project specific detailed engineering drawings. These drawings will follow the detailed engineering and 3D modelling phase of the project.

Following checking and approval procedures the drawings will be issued to a fabricator for construction.

There are several mechanical fabrication categories:

1. Piping isometrics
2. Engineering Details
3. Pipe supports details
4. Vessel and equipment drawings
5. Steel work details
6. Tank fabrication drawings

Fabrication drawings will contain key information such as:

  • Engineering Specifications
  • Process Data
  • Full list of materials
  • Part Numbers
  • Fully dimensioned
  • Co-ordinates
  • Drawing information

90% of fabrication drawings will be created from a 3D model.

All detailed fabrication drawings will be illustrated clearly and conform to the approved 3D model.

What Fabrication Drawings do we offer?
Pembrokeshire Design can offer a full set of fabrications drawings in a variety of formats which can be applied to various sectors
We can achieve this by communicating effectively with our clients throughout the detailing of fabrications drawings.
We also use a reactive approach in answering any technical queries promptly which may arise from the field.

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We can assist you in your patent application

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We can help your patent application progress by using our design services to create clear and concise detailed drawings

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What are Patent Drawings?
A patent application is a document controlled by a government agency. The registration of an invention or product will enable you to proceed with legal action against anyone attempting to use, remake, sell or import that invention or product without your consent.

This application requires a vast amount of information from literature through to detailed drawings. This can aid the assessor and give a clear understanding of your invention or product.

The detailed drawings should be presented clearly, they should contain a variety of views such as orthographic projections and exploded views.

The more information presented early on in the design phase, the more successful the application will be.

What Can Pembrokeshire Design Offer?
We have the facility to produce a full set of engineering detailed drawings that will aid your application. These drawings can be emailed or printed in a variety of different formats.

We are also able to send files to a 3D printer, which will give you an idea of how the final product will look in scale format

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