Pembrokeshire Design can assist with all your 3D modelling requirements.

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Our design team can create 3D models using the latest software.

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What is 3D Modelling?
3D modelling is a digital representation of either a physical object or a recreation of an Idea. The model can be created from concept sketches or we can reverse engineer to recreate that object. This will speed up detailed engineering and reduce costs as fabrication drawings are built directly from the 3D model.

What can Pembrokeshire Design Offer in 3D Modelling?

  • We can offer a fluid design process.
  • Full communication with the client throughout the design process.
  • Reactive approach to any alterations throughout the design process.
  • By using the latest software we can produce images promptly and forward them to the client.
  • Chair design reviews – collect all data from the meeting and update the design.
  • Modify existing systems.

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Your ‘Idea’ converted into a 3D digital representation.

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By using the latest software we can transform your concept idea in a 3D environment

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What is 3D concept?
3D concept will help the client visualise their product in a 3D environment. The models can be viewed from different angles identifying potential design considerations and challenges throughout the process. Designs can be used in augmented reality. The models can be viewed on an iPad or Android device.

What can Pembrokeshire Design offer?
We use the latest in hardware and software which this make the design production a more fluid process. Communication throughout the design process is key, we keep our clients up to date with any modifications. There is no limit to size or detail. Once the 3D concept is approved the information can the be sent to a 3D printer where 1:1 scale models can be printed.

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Pembrokeshire Design can offer the complete package when it comes to piping design.

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We are highly specialise in the subject and have the experience to back it up.

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What is piping design?
Piping design is the design of piping systems for the transfer of product from one location to the next. This is used mainly in petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. There are a variety of standards we work to, to ensure the piping systems are designed in a safe method. Piping designer needs to consider the following:

  • That all systems as safe.
  • That all systems are maintainable.
  • That all systems are operable.

Factors such as elevated temperatures and high pressures also have to be taken into consideration, as these can have a large impact on thermal expansion and piping loads.

What do Pembrokeshire Design offer?
With almost 20 years experience in piping design we can offer the complete design of your piping systems.

From initial red line P&ID’s, through to site surveys and 3D laser scanning. On to detailed engineering and 3D modelling of your piping systems, to the preparation of your construction drawings such as disinvestment/tie-in details to fabrications piping isometrics.

We use the latest in intelligent piping design software where all your project work can be modelled in a 3D environment.

Design reviews can take place during the detailed engineering phase of the project, this allows the client the opportunity to review their project and have a clear understanding of the installation.

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Use ‘Laser scanning to modelling’ techniques to assist in recreating accurate digital representations of the scanned item.

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Pembrokeshire Design has the facility and experience to create laser scanned point cloud data, and then subsequently develop that data into 3D models.

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What is Laser Scanning to modelling?
Due to the high accuracy of laser scanning equipment, we can now achieve near perfect measurements, which has been almost impossible to do using traditional methods.

The laser scanning offers the user an opportunity to gain a 3D digital image of the item they have scanned. 

This information can then be used in CAD to recreate a digital replication. The information can then be used in a variety of different applications, such as 3D printing, reviews and clash detection.

What can Pembrokeshire Design offer?
By owning the latest hardware and software we can mobilise promptly and work on clients projects at short notice. The scanning process can be at the client site or items can be brought to our office for scanning. This scanned data can be brought straight into a CAD environment where the process from point cloud data to 3D model takes place.

We have used laser scanning in a variety of different sectors:

  • Engineering
  • Petrochemical
  • Home Extensions
  • National Heritage
  • Automotive

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