Convert your old drawings into CAD

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Pembrokeshire Design can offer a ‘Conversion to CAD’ service, by using a variety of techniques and industry standards.

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What is Conversion to CAD Service?
It involves converting your existing drawings into CAD. CAD conversion may be necessary due to industries moving towards newer technologies for example,

You may be required to convert all 2D drawings into 3D models or original paper documents transferred to CAD for HSE requirements

Pembrokeshire Design can offer the following
There are a variety of different formats we use to convert to CAD:
Firstly paper to CAD service – Essentially a tracing exercise. Final format will be chosen by client.
2D to 3D – Take original 2D CAD drawings and transfer them into 3D models using the latest software
CAD Conversion – Existing CAD files can be converted into different formats for a variety of different software.

We offer a ‘scan on site’ service saving the effort of transporting documents we bring the scanner/camera to you.

We also offer a Microfische scanning service which can then be recreated in a CAD format.

If any documents are unreadable, the client will be informed at the early stage of the transformation and allowances made for this.

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Convert your 2D drawings in a 3D environment with a fluid design process.

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Using the latest software and hardware Pembrokeshire Design can transform your 2D detailed drawings into a 3D model.

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What is 2D to 3D?
This is the transformation of 2D images into 3D virtual objects. They can be existing paper images which can be scanned brought into CAD, we can then recreate this image in a full scale 3D environment. This data can then be used for a variety of different applications, from relocation of items to clarification and visual aid. These can be small individual projects where there is minimal input from the client, or they can be larger scale which will require a greater input from the client.

Why convert to 3D?
1. HSE requires more input and understanding of items.
2. 3D Modelling is now becoming the industry standard.
3. Digital representation – For review purposes.
4. Relocation of equipment – to determine fitment.

Pembrokeshire Design can offer the following? 
Pembrokeshire Design offers a service where existing 2D detailed drawings in either paper or CAD form, can be re-created into a 3D CAD form. Due to a shift in design standards to move towards 3D modelling, we can help with this transition by offering a 3D modelling service. We can work with your project engineers to deliver a 1:1 scale model of your existing 2D drawings.

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