3D Laser Scanning has become the industry standard for accurate data recording. The information collected can be brought into a 3D environment for further development.

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Pembrokeshire Design has experience using a range of Faro 3D laser scanners and has acquired a Faro Freestyle-X hand held laser scanner.

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What is 3D Laser Scanning?
3D laser scanning is a form of surveying, using a laser to collect data electronically.

The scanner has an inbuilt class 1 eye safe laser which digitally capture environments and objects, by using a non-intrusive method.
The 3D laser scanner generates a series of point clouds, this information is an accurate digital representation of the 3D environment.

3D laser scanning can be used in varoius sectors for a variety of applications

– As Building
– Project work
– Hot to cold analysis

– Tank deformation, Verticality and out of roundness against API 653

National Heritage
– Data recording
– Grade listed building
– Insurance

Building Services
– Accurate surveying
– Modifications

All data captured can be imported into Computer Aided design packages, where 3D model of the area scanned can be re-created.

What can Pembrokeshire Design offer?
Owning our own equipment enables us to respond to our clients needs promptly. We have years of experience using terrestrial 3D laser scanners in different applications.

All data collected can be reviewed at the clients premises by using our high end graphic workstations. Project engineers can review project progress at an early stage of detailed engineering, due to full access to point cloud data.

We can assist in project reviews, where we can modify detailed design on site or back at our office.

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Laser scanning on application can range from small components through to vast area.

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Pembrokeshire Design has the experience in terrestrial and handheld scanning.

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Scanning on Application
3D Laser scanners can be used in a variety of applications, and used for the collection of 3D data. All the information collected can be imported into CAD where it can be manipulated to re-create the scanned item or area.

Using the hand held scanner on application:
This is used for smaller jobs with a maximum scanning area of around 50m
Multiple scans can be registered together to create medium sized areas of point cloud data.
The scanner can be used in low UV light and even in the dark due to a built in flash.

Using the terrestrial scanner on application:
The terrestrial scanner has an accuracy of +/- 2mm at a radius of 330m. Multiple scans can be registered together to create vast area of point cloud data.
By using the scanning registration software we can combine data from various scanners and use them to build 1 point cloud.
This information can then be imported into CAD for grey modelling of existing and adding new expansion

What can Pembrokeshire design offer?
In early 2016 we purchased the latest Faro Freestyle-X hand held scanner. This gives us the advantage over other design companies in that we can be reactive to the clients demands and produce information promptly.

Pembrokeshire Design has also gained experience in using the terrestrial scanners in the petrochemical industry, gathering vital information for us to progress our project work.

The terrestrial scanner is available on a rental basis, we will need prior notification if this service is required.

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